Sam Sunderland Won the Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is an off-road endurance motoring event that is held in the Sahar dessert but recently moved to South America for security reasons. The rally is open to professional and armature contestants, with armatures making up over 80 percent of the participants.

The event is both a motorcycle and motor vehicle event, but you won’t see anything from Koenigsegg – the Swedish supercars – as the tracks are a little rough for cars of that type.

Path to Winning

Sam Sunderland is based in Dubai. For that reason, he can train in desert conditions which are similar to what is in the Dakar rally. The driver could not compete in 2014, though, because of mechanical challenges.

In 2015, the motorcycle section was won by Marc Coma and in 2016 Australian Toby Price won the trophy. Sam, who drives for KMT, won the rally on his third attempt. The Dorset boy established a lead in stage five of the 12 stage race, eventually beating his closest rival by 32 minutes. At the finish line, Sam spoke of feeling relieved of the pressure of being the leader in the motorcycle race. The past 16 winners of the Dakar Rally motorbike competition have all been KMT riders.

The year 2017 will be one of pressure for the rider because he is the reigning champion, and he will want to maintain that in 2018. 2018 might be harder to win than 2017 because 2016 champion Marc Coma, who was injured in the 2017 race and announced retirement, might be fit and make a comeback.

Drive – A Fast Slot Game

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Look at it this way, motor enthusiasts will play video games with cars for hours on end for the thrill of a win. How then more interesting is it when the thrill of winning is augmented by the possibility of winning a jackpot? That combination of riches and fun probably explains how it felt when Sam Sunderland won the Dakar Rally.

Slot features

The slot game has the standard competitive features included in slot games such as free spins and multiplying wilds. A player can wager anything from 0,15coins to 75 coins. For a maximum bet, the potential jackpot winning is a whopping 90,000 coins.

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Ferrari 488 GTB

The 488GTB is a 2-passenger high-end sports car with the looks and specs of a supercar. The two door Ferrari is rear-wheel drive and carries a direct injection 3.9-liter turbocharged V-8 engine whose output is 660 horsepower. The Ferrari 488 GTB is a vehicle of desire for many supercar lovers, for two main reasons; build quality and speed. It’s no wonder that it’s featured in the popular, Drive – a fast slot game.

The Interior

When you pay $249,100, Ferrari is guaranteeing you value for money. The car is built for luxury and speed. The interior features bucket seats, leather in all appropriate places including the steering wheel, a foot rest for the driver, a 12 volts DC power outlet, a trip computer, an engine immobilizer, and dual-zone climate control. Other notable interior features include an outside temperature gauge, a perimeter alarm and two LCD monitors for entertainment.


The Ferrari’s exterior features the unmistakable 9 inch allow wheels, the wing spoiler, a black grille, lightly tinted glass, rear fog lights, LED brake lights and perimeter lights. The car has a clear coat paint job as well as rain-detecting intermittent wipers.

The Ferrari 488 GTB can do 0-60 in just under 3 seconds. Its top speed is 205mph. The car is equipped with befitting safety features which include height-adjustable seat belts, airbags, headlight washers and low tire pressure warning.

Potential buyers, however, should note that the waiting list for the 488 GTB is currently at 18 months. Ferrari is unlikely to take many new orders since they would like to maintain exclusivity for buyers.

British Racing and Sports Car Club

The British Racing and Sports Car Club is an organizer of motor events in the UK. The BRSC was founded in 1946 by motoring enthusiasts who felt the need for an organization for half-liter cars. It is this insistence on single-seat 500cc cars that led to the original BRSC name, the 500 club. The 500-club organized among others the formula 3 motoring event, in addition to publishing a motoring magazine. The name stuck until 1966 when the club became the British Racing and Sports Car Club.


The BRSC currently organizes over 25 championships and 50 race meetings across the UK. These include the Brands Hatch, Donington, and Silverstone. BRSCC has the expertise and experience required to run and maintain these events. A skill that shows when you see the world’s best cars on the track. When cars like the Ferrari 488 GTB, for example, show up you know you are in for a serious race.

In Europe, BRSC organizes the Le Mans European Series, which has been turned into some sort of preparation ground for future Formula 1 drivers. Formula 1 executives such as William’s Rob Smedley regularly attend BSRC events to scout the next generation of Formula 1 drivers and engineers.

Which is the World’s Fastest Car?

Speed thrills, but it kills too. Not that such statements have done anything to stop motor enthusiasts from seeking out the fastest of fast cars. In an age where supercar technology is at its cutting edge, you might wonder which the world’s fastest car is. There are two prime candidates for this position.

Official Record Holder

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the world’s fastest production car. The Volkswagen-made Bugatti holds the record at 268 mph. Prices start at $1.7 million for this 1000 hp speed machine. The Chiron currently holds the world record, but only because our next competitor has not yet met the technical qualifications for getting into the Guinness World Records.

Fastest Car, Period

The next car is one that we hope will be picked up by the British racing and sports car club, although it does not seem likely. It is the Hennessey Venom GT. The American supercar has a top speed of 270 mph. The only reasons the Venom doesn’t have the world record is because it has only sold 16 units, and the technicality states that a car must have sold over 30 units to qualify for the Guinness book of records.

Lamborghini Gallardo with a VW Engine

Lamborghini is a top-end high-performance sports car brand whose close competitors include Porsche, Ferrari, and Bugatti. The Lamborghini Gallardo with a VW engine is one among the 2003 production cars from the auto maker. The car features a V10 engine from Audi.

The Volkswagen Factor

Automakers, just like any other businesses, sometimes merge or get acquired. It so happened that the Volkswagen Group acquired Automobili Lamborghini SPA. The VW group includes among others AUDI- AG. AUDI made the Lamborghini Gallardo’s V10, and that’s how the car ended up with a VW engine.

The question on everyone’s minds is, “Which is the world’s fastest car?

The Lamborghini Gallardo with a VW engine might just be it. The car is rated highly by motor critics for its looks and dynamics. The car looks like a supercar and drives like one. The V10 can push the car to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds. The car’s top speed is a blistering 201 mph.

Lamborghini made this Gallardo with the option of a semi-automatic shifted gear or a fully manual for the devout petrol heads. The semi-automatic is pricier than the manual. The only weakness associated with this Gallardo car is its high CO2 emissions as well as the high running costs.

The Formula 1 Status in the UK

With some of the world’s top drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, being from the UK, as well as world-class teams, there is a considerably high level of interest in the race. The UK also sees its fair share of exotic and rare cars, such as the Lamborghini Gallardo with a VW engine that further the interest that is felt by UK fans for the sport.

Williams Martini Racing

The once prolific English team founded by Sir Frank William has not had a good couple of years. Currently, the team is ranked 5th, just under Force India. Williams scored only one podium finish in 2016 through ValtteriBottas in the Canadian Grand Prix. The team has lost Bottas to Mercedes, but Filipe Massa has come out of retirement to join it.

McLaren Honda Formula

McLaren has been in Formula 1 since 1966. They have a cumulative total of 8 world championships. In 2016, the team won 76 points through Fernando Alonso. In 2017, Alonso and Jenson Button’s replacement Stoffel Vandoorne will be driving for the team.

The winning combination of world-class drivers, top teams, and some of the best racing technology around make the UK’s racing prospects very exciting.