Lancia Delta – The Classic Rally Car

There are legends of every sport, but more often than not they are people. In motorsport, people like Michael Schumacher are absolute legends. This being no ordinary sport, the WRC has a legendary car, the Lancia Delta.

The Italian car achieved what no car has managed to in WRC. Lancia Delta-the classic rally car, went through three generations of manufacturing before the company exited the rally championship sport. In between them, the cars won a total of 46 championships, with a record six titles in a row.

The Delta brought great success to the drivers. It earned the drivers’ titles for four consecutive years between 1987 and 1991.

Crème of the Crop

What the McLaren P1 is for its class, the Lancia Delta is for rally cars. Lancia is hugely successful, and the Lancia Delta Integrale model takes the crown. This ladies and gentlemen, was the greatest racing car ever to grace the WRC.

The 4WD Delta was a driver’s dream. At 2.0 litres, the engine doesn’t seem much to write home about today but in the 80s that was a big engine. With its wide wheels, the Integrale was able to handle the power coming down the transmission from the 185 bhp engine in the hood.