Koenigsegg – The Swedish Supercars

Super cars used to be the preserve of large well-funded traditional manufacturers. Even then, they used to build them using outsourced parts, making the makers more of assemblers than producers. Changes in technology have allowed new players to enter the high-end car market, and one of the successes from this new generation of car makers is Koenigsegg founder Christian von Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg employs less than 140 people, which is unlike traditional manufacturers who have well over 1000 employees. The Swedish manufacturer was able to get authentication for his cars, and that was the start of Koenigsegg – The Swedish supercars.


There is a total of 17 Koenigsegg cars, starting from the CC made in 1996 as the prototype to the Agera Final built in 2016. The manufacturer makes every major component in-house and all cars retail for over $1 million. The most popular Koenigsegg is the Regera which was first produced in 2015 and has sold 80 units to date. The Regera has a top speed of 246 mph, and can easily compete with the cars in Nascar. The other popular Koenigsegg is the Agera R produced from 2012 to 2014, which sold 18 units.

Koenigsegg – The Swedish supercars are made for the ultra-rich. You might want to know that the factory is located in a hanger on a functional airstrip so that clients can land in their private jets.