Lamborghini Gallardo with a VW Engine

Lamborghini is a top-end high-performance sports car brand whose close competitors include Porsche, Ferrari, and Bugatti. The Lamborghini Gallardo with a VW engine is one among the 2003 production cars from the auto maker. The car features a V10 engine from Audi.

The Volkswagen Factor

Automakers, just like any other businesses, sometimes merge or get acquired. It so happened that the Volkswagen Group acquired Automobili Lamborghini SPA. The VW group includes among others AUDI- AG. AUDI made the Lamborghini Gallardo’s V10, and that’s how the car ended up with a VW engine.

The question on everyone’s minds is, “Which is the world’s fastest car?

The Lamborghini Gallardo with a VW engine might just be it. The car is rated highly by motor critics for its looks and dynamics. The car looks like a supercar and drives like one. The V10 can push the car to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds. The car’s top speed is a blistering 201 mph.

Lamborghini made this Gallardo with the option of a semi-automatic shifted gear or a fully manual for the devout petrol heads. The semi-automatic is pricier than the manual. The only weakness associated with this Gallardo car is its high CO2 emissions as well as the high running costs.

The Formula 1 Status in the UK

With some of the world’s top drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, being from the UK, as well as world-class teams, there is a considerably high level of interest in the race. The UK also sees its fair share of exotic and rare cars, such as the Lamborghini Gallardo with a VW engine that further the interest that is felt by UK fans for the sport.

Williams Martini Racing

The once prolific English team founded by Sir Frank William has not had a good couple of years. Currently, the team is ranked 5th, just under Force India. Williams scored only one podium finish in 2016 through ValtteriBottas in the Canadian Grand Prix. The team has lost Bottas to Mercedes, but Filipe Massa has come out of retirement to join it.

McLaren Honda Formula

McLaren has been in Formula 1 since 1966. They have a cumulative total of 8 world championships. In 2016, the team won 76 points through Fernando Alonso. In 2017, Alonso and Jenson Button’s replacement Stoffel Vandoorne will be driving for the team.

The winning combination of world-class drivers, top teams, and some of the best racing technology around make the UK’s racing prospects very exciting.